01 May, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar ♡

Last week I went to the mall and decided it was about time to get my hands on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar. It has 14 neutral eyeshadows and 2 highlighting shades, all mixed between a shimmery and a matte finish that smell just like chocolate, being cocoa powder one of the palette's main ingredients. I'll show you some swatches on my skin (medium, yellow toned) as well as a close up for the colors. 

For a better appreciation of the colors you can open this image in another tab by right clicking on it.

+ Gilded Ganache is a dark brown, chocolatey color that has a little golden shimmer to it. Works great for defining the eye and deepening the outer corners of the eyes for a little drama. 

+ Salted Caramel is, in fact, a matte caramel slightly pinky, working best for the crease and using it as a transition color to help other eyeshadows blend better. 

+ Hazelnut is a super shimmery brown color that seems to me a little reddish but still on the warm side of the chocolate brown colors. You can see I accidentally dipped a finger on mine a little to hard. 

+ Marzipan is a sort of metallic/shimmery version of Salted Caramel, just a bit more pinky. I noticed it looks very different when applied straight to the eye and using a primer, the way it blends has either more or less intensity depending on what products you use with it. 

+ Crème Brulee is the perfect warm golden shade, the color payoff is really intense and the shimmery particles in it blend away so easily. 

+ Semi-Sweet is a matte brown shade just perfect for a soft look or blending other eyeshadows in this palette. 

+ Haute Chocolate is a dark brown color with lovely pink shimmery particles. It almost looks to me like Hazelnut, but the color on the little specs just makes it so different, Haute Chocolate is more blue toned. 

+ Milk Chocolate is a lovely yellow toned matte shade that would work great for skins like mine on the crease to help blend the eyeshadows. 

+ Strawberry Bon Bon is a very pigmented and bright matte pink shade. Would work best for soft looks on the inner parts of the eye if you want to pop a little bit of color instead of the normal highlighting shades. 

+ Cherry Cordial is a burgundy color, really deep and pigmented. This is my favorite eyeshadow in the palette, it has a very subtle pink shimmer in it that gives you many options to wear it. 

+ Black Forest Truffle is possibly a more intense version of Cherry Cordial, just a bit more pruple and brown, it has pink shimmer and maybe even a little of silver. 

+ Candid Violet is a bright pruple shimmery shade with the same pink specs of the rest. The contrast between the pink in the shimmer and the pruple eyeshadow gives you an amazing glow to the eyes, making this the perfect lid color.

+ Triple Fudge seems to me like a matte version of Gilded Ganache. It's much darker and perfect to deepen up your eyes and dramatizing your outer corners for an intense look. 

+ Amaretto is a shimmery red toned brown shadow, the pink shimmers are almost as the eyeshadow's color, so it looks more like a satin/metallic finish, great for pairing up with the rest of the pinky toned shades in the palette. 

+ White Chocolate is a pale beige matte shade that works perfect for highlighting, as well as a base for the whole eye in case you want a very soft look. 

+ Champagne Truffle is also a highlighting shade with pink shimmer in it, it's very frosted and looks almost white-ish when exposed too much to the light, showing off the pink shimmer beautifully. 

Closer look of my finger accident on Hazelnut

If you separate the palette into two sections, you can work with the more chocolatey brown colors from the left side. Perfect for really neutral eyes and a little drama with the darker shades and shimmery colors. The reason I think the matte highlighting shade is on this side is because it works best with these tones. 

However, if you're more on the playful side, the right part of the palette has the perfect neutral tones that show off the shimmery particles that make this palette great for neutral dramatic eyes. Pink toned eyeshadows are so versatile that can be worn on day and night, depending on the way they're applied. The frosted highlighting shade comes on this side to play along with the rest of the pinky shades, making them perfect for a night out when sparkly eyes are almost a must.  

I swatched both sides of the palette on my arms. You can see how the colors look on my complexion, my skin is pretty yellow toned, so I avoid colors like Salted Caramel that look almost reddish on me. 

I think it's great if you're just entering the world of makeup and want to try something different. Something I really love is that there are no black or (almost) white colors, anything you put in your eyes will be dark or pale enough to be noticeable, and still in the "chocolate" type of colors. The consistency of the eyeshadows feels to me almost like the Naked Palettes, they even have similar colors, but all I've been using lately is this one, it's just easier to play around. And thaaat smeeeell...

What are your thoughts on this palette? Yay or nay? :)

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