18 April, 2014

Spring Shopping Haul ♡

This season is full of pastels, prints, and many other girly things that we just can't stop loving. I couldn't resist getting myself a little pampered and jumped on the spring wagon for a wardrobe-freshness hunt. 

As an online shopping junkie, this was my first time buying at SheInside.com and I must say I was pretty pleased with their stuff. I got a few things and they all fit me perfectly, but before I got excited about any item, I read all the comments just to make sure that I wasn't making any bad decisions. 

My first item was this beautiful blouse with leaves print, it's so soft and light, perfect for hot days and still looks pretty. I wore it yesterday and got so many compliments from people so that's always great! 

After ordering that blouse I knew I had to put aside my black & white addiction just for the sake of spring. Suddenly, I couldn't help myself but fall in love with this beautiful white blouse with floral prints on the sides. This is definitely my favorite purchase of everything listed in this post, it's so light and a little on the loose side so you can wear it with a tight bottom. 

I am absolutely not very fond of wearing too much red/orange for clothing but this apricot color block dress was just to die for. The black on the sleeves and the pink on the chest really mute all the craziness going on on the bottom part. This dress is so simple that you can get away with so many accessories, a statement necklace would look perfect with it. 

It might look like I'm a big fan of dresses, but not really! (Ok, just a bit). I found this long dress in 3 colors: black, mint and this pinky one, and I must say I was just about to get the black one when I thought about spring and flowers and birdies singing so I had to restrain and stick to my girly-themed shopping. The back of the dress is kind of low, which balances the front part that is really covered up. I loved the detail on the neck, it looks super cute. I'd definitely wear this for a daytime event cause it's really fresh too. 

I also got the She Inside dupe for the Zara Skort in white, but (long story short) it got into an accident with paint (don't ask) and I'm afraid it won't survive, but it's ok cause I have the real Zara Skort in black, haha. 

After my online shopping spree, I decided to go to the mall and buy some stuff. Sadly, I was not so much into clothing, but I got a couple of things. I went to Zara first and I've been craving for a high wasted blue denim shorts and then this little guy came across my way. The thing about these shorts is that they have a "mom fit", that means they're a little loose, which is great cause I'm a little on the Kardashian/Beyoncé side, if you know what I mean. 

I almost forgot I had bought this dress when I was taking the pictures so the lighting is really bad. Anyways, I got this navy blue dress online from Forever 21, it's a really simple blue dress, but that's the best thing about a piece cause it means that you can style it in so many different ways and turn anything on day-to-night outfits. Again, I need a statement necklace for this dress, any suggestions?

That's all for clothes, but you know it's just impossible not to buy make up related things once you're at the mall so I let myself dive into other stores and looked for things I had thought about purchasing. I was actually looking for the Real Techniques blending sponge but it was out of stock, so what am I supposed to do when things are out of stock? Get something else, of course! So I was scoping out some RT brushes and found these purple beauties (Starter Set) which I remembered I wanted to buy a few months ago. 

And just to not forget about my nail polish addiction, I went on a hunt for a white color just because I've been so much into white nails lately, besides, it's always handy to have a nice white base for nail arts, I'll probably do a post on that later this week. I got the Nina Ultra Pro in French White, and just by the name you know you can use it for french mani but I thing it would be quite hard with the flat brush on this nail polish. The other color I got is the FingerPaints in Lavender Highlight, it looks like a really intense color but the formula is very sheer so you can control how much you want to put in, besides, FingerPaints nail polishes dry really really fast. 

My most beloved purchase besides the floral print blouse is definitely this perfect lipstick that I have been wanting for so long and (as always) it was out of stock. But finally, Ruby Woo by MAC is now in my hands and I absolutely love it. As many of you know, the formula for this baby is Retro Matte, which is extremely dry but it can be fixed if you use a little bit on lip balm before applying it so that you can sweep it easily. This reddish orangey colors are so on trend at the moment, so make sure you get this or something similar!

Finally, I also got a little brush kit for eyes and face from She Inside. I must say I was a little risky with these because I wasn't really sure about how they were going to feel like, specially for such low prices from this site. However, I found they are incredibly soft and they really pick up product, I'm not sure if they're vegan cause they feel extremely soft, but I still think they're pretty synthetic, specially for the price. As you can see I already used a couple of them and they've worked great. So if you're on a low budged you should definitely try these ones, just make sure you wash them really well before using them on your beautiful faces because we don't know where they've been before!!

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