23 January, 2014

Makeup Pampering ♡

So I was at the mall and ran into MAC and I couldn't help myself so I bought these. I've been wanting to try Club so badly, so now I'll wait for the weekend to wear it. 

Blitz & Glitz is just a black liner, it doesn't seem too dark though, I didn't swatch this cause I still have another one so when I go through it I'll see how dark this one is. 

All That Glitters, to be honest I didn't know about this eyeshadow's existence until I saw a youtuber (don't really remember who) make a tutorial with it and then I thought oh just like Ellen Fowler's username lol and actually fell in love with this color

And my beloved Club eyeshadow, I only wanted to try this one to see if it's true that if you pack it on the lid you get the green specs showing off really hard and as you blend it, it leaves a brownish color. And it's true!

I swatched the eyeshadows in case you haven't seen them. ATG is basically a pinky-champagne color and super glittery but not like chunky glitter. And here you can see Club fading from green to brown, also super sparkly!

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