31 January, 2014

January Obsessions

This month I had a couple of things that I've been using/wearing almost everyday and basically became my go-to items. 

Number 1 on the list is my Dursany bag from Westies by Nine West which has this cool green/blue petroleum color, it's the only bag I used this month and it's very practical and looks really nice with any winter color. Another favorite is Loverdose by Diesel, this smells sooo good, it's pretty sweet and a little fresh, I love that combination for cold days so I've been wearing it almost daily. 

As the name says so, I think the bottle nailed it trying to look like a potion, it's one of my favorite designs too, could it be more perfect? Well it surely can, cause it came with this super awesome faux leather clutch which has also been one of my faves for a night out. It's big enough to hold the essential stuff and find everything easily when you open it. So if you're looking for a girly fragrance that lasts all day and feels super fresh you should get yourself this one. 

As a nail polish junkie, of course I had to have a pick for my favorite nail colors (I could even update that weekly!) But my top 2 nail polishes at the moment are China Glaze in Up All Night and Color Club in Artsy Crafty. And the best about these two is that they don't chip the next day and if you're in a rush and don't have time for a second hand you can totally go for one and it still looks well done. They last at least 5 days (I can't really tell how much cause I change color every 3 days or so) and dry amazingly fast, specially China Glaze polishes. These guys just go with anything on this season, they're really dark so can get away with wearing a different color and not being bothered by obvious pops of color that don't match. 

Finally, my super favorite thing this month (and probably last one too and maybe half of February too) are my Hush Puppies boots. I've always felt like HP was a brand for moms or kind of older women but when I tried these on at a store I didn't know they were HP and they're so comfy and cute that I just had to take them home. They're pretty warm too and tall enough to warm up your legs without covering them entirely. 

And in a whole different topic, I've been obsessed with Pinterest too lately so if you wanna see my pins just follow my boards :) 

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