24 December, 2013

Present Tags For Xmas

So it's Christmas season and if you haven't wrapped your present and like to do it last minute just like me, I got these cute tags for you!

I used stuff I already had at home and it was really simple and cute, basically is just wrapping paper, sisal twine, tape, and a box (in case the present doesn't come in one) This is how I decorated my presents:


First, I wrapped the present in colored paper just to make it fun while opening it and get some weight to put it in the box. 

So the rest is pretty simple, just printed out some of the tags and used the sisal twine to make a cute bow and stuck the tag on it and then made a knot. I used the "Feliz Navidad" ones in spanish but you can find a "Merry Christmas" ones with the file you can download. 

Here are some of my presents for tonight:

I hope you like it! Leave me a comment with your opinion and let me know if you liked these and plan on using them!Stay tuned for more freebies like this. 

Download the printable file here :)

Happy Holidays! x

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