Nude Nails + New Shape

A very long time ago I struggled with my nail shape really badly. First of all, they would take ages to grow and then they broke easily. I wanted them to get squared and when I finally succeeded I sticked to that shape for years, about five years! It was about time to do something different with them.  

Hace mucho tiempo batallaba con la forma de mis uñas muy mal. Primero que nada, se tardaban muchísimo en crecer y se rompían fácilmente. Quería tenerlas cuadradas y cuando por fin tuve éxito me apegué a esa forma por años, ¡unos cinco años! Ya era hora de hacerles algo diferente.

After becoming some sort of a pro on shaping them squared, I forgot how to really round them up on the edges. I didn't want something that looked like claws, but a bit rounded on top to give them a dainty feel. I still feel like I have a lot to file but they're coming together to a more feminine shape. 

With this style I like to wear nude colors or sheer pink shades. This week's pick is OPI My Vampire Is Buff —a pigmented beige. It's almost like wearing a white nail polish without it looking like acrylic paint, there is still a bit of color in there. 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

Después de convertirme en algo como una pro en darles forma cuadrada, se me olvidó cómo redondearlas de las orillas. No quería algo que se viera como el estilo de garras, sino algo con la punta redondeada para darles un toque delicado. Siento que aún hay mucho que limar pero ya se están acomodando a una forma más femenina.

Con este estilo me gusta usar colores nude o rosas muy sutiles. Mi elección de esta semana es OPI My Vampire Is Buff —un beige pigmentado. Es casi como traer esmalte blanco sin que parezca pintura acrílica, aún tiene algo de color por ahí.

What nail shape do you prefer?

¿Qué forma de uñas prefieren?


  1. I like to keep my nails rounded, it's more comfortable for me :)


  2. I always wonder if I should change the shape of my nails. At the minute they're square-oval shape and I kinda like it. This colour is so lovely on your nails.


  3. I think mine fall in the square-oval category, I'm trying to make them even more rounded but it's so hard! I think it's nice to have a change every now and then, specially on nails because they grow the fastest :) x

  4. They look much prettier this way! xx

  5. I absolutely hate claws. They are not comfortable for every day things (from shopping to changing clothes) and apparently boys find them disgusting. Square is my favourite shape and I will stick with it for sometime I think :)

  6. Your nail shape is amazing. I'm a perpetual nail biter, so it's hard to keep any consistent shape and length to my nails. I've been a bit better lately, and they are finally getting long(ish). Loving that colour as well.

    Katherine || The Green Bows

  7. Oh wow, this seems like the perfect shade! Love it :)


  8. I like your new nail shape. Suits your fingers really well. The polish shade is also lovely. I'm really into white and off white varnishes at the moment. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  9. Thank you Renata! Do you have any recommendations for me? I'm loving white-ish polishes lately too Xx

  10. I'm glad your nails are growing back! I used to have the same problem, I find that wearing very obvious colors makes me stop from biting them :) xx

  11. Claws are pretty uncomfortable but they definitely look good on certain looks. I used to wear fake claws just for a night out and go back to mine the next morning :) x

  12. Right now I only have one I like, which is Rimmel Lose Your Lingerie but the one I really want to try is the Victoria Beckham one with Nails Inc. So pretty. xx