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The Lorac Pro Palette

15 November, 2014

Although I'm a little late on the Lorac Pro Palette train, I now can tell what all that raving was about. I was a little hesitant to either purchase the first or the second one but after a lot of meditation and swatching I thought this one would be perfect for day and night, becoming my staple palette. 

A pesar de que voy un poco tarde en el tren de la Lorac Pro Palette, ahora puedo darme cuenta de qué se trataba toda esa emoción. Estaba dudosa de comprar la primera o la segunda pero después de mucha meditación y prueba de colores pensé que ésta sería perfecta para día y noche, convirtiéndose en mi paleta de a grapa.

My first reaction to the texture of the eyeshadows was just amazing. If you (like me) thought the Naked Palette eyeshadows had the creamiest consistency, then you must try Lorac! They literally feel like silk and blend heavenly, not to mention the excellent color payoff even from the lightest shades. 

Mi primera reacción con la textura de las sombras fue espectacular. Si tú (como yo) pensabas que las sombras de las Naked Palettes tenían la consistencia más cremosa, ¡entonces debes probar Lorac! Literalmente se sienten como seda y se difuminan muy fácilmente, sin mencionar la excelente pigmentación incluso en las sombras más claras.

The top row consists of all matte eyeshadows except for White that has a little bit of shimmer. As you can tell, the pigmentation with just one swatch was enough to show off the color. This palette has warm tones which is basically what made me decide I wanted this one rather than the second one. Cream works great for blending out the edges and a matte highlighting, as the next three shades would work as transition colors on dramatic looks or all over the lids for soft daytime looks. Sable and Espresso are the perfect warm brown colors to deepen the outer corners in the softest way possible. One thing I noticed is that Black isn't really that black but still works for adding extra drama with the smallest amount. 

La primer fila consiste de puras sombras matte a excepción de White que tiene un poco de brillo en ella. Como pueden ver, la pigmentación con sólo una pasada fue suficiente para mostrar el color. Esta paleta tiene tonos cálidos, siendo básicamente la razón por la cuál opté por esta y no la segunda. Cream funciona muy bien para difuminar las orillas y dar un iluminado matte, mientras que las siguientes tres sombras sirven como colores de transición en looks dramáticos o en todo el párpado para looks suaves de día. Sable y Espresso son los cafés perfectos para dar profundidad de la manera más sutil. Algo que noté es que Black no es tan negro pero aún funciona para agregar drama con la cantidad más pequeña.

The second row has all the fun and sparkly eyeshadows, specially for the first two that give an incredible shine when applied to the inner corners. The Gold shade has kind of a rusty tone, nothing too yellow or too orange. For lazy makeup days, Light Bronze and Pewter are the ideal combo for an all over the lid color and then darkening it out with the other one. Garnet is probably my favorite color in this palette, it kind of looks like Antiqued by MAC but more bronzy than red, while Deep Purple looks like a shimmery version of Shadowy Lady also by MAC and a thousand times more pigmented. I don't own the first Naked Palette but I did a little research for Slate and I found out it was often compared to Gunmetal, although Slate appeared to be slightly darker. 

La segunda fila tiene todas las sombras brillantes, en especial por las primeras dos que dan una iluminación increíble en la orilla interior del ojo. La sombra Gold es algo como dorado oxidado, nada tan amarillo o naranja. Para días de flojera de maquillarse, Light Bronze y Pewter son el combo ideal para aplicar una en todo el párpado y obscurecer las orillas con la otra. Garnet es posiblemente mi sombra favorita en esta paleta, se parece un poco a Antiqued de MAC pero más bronce que rojiza, mientras que Deep Purple luce como una versión brillante de Shadowy Lady de MAC, y mil veces más pigmentada. No tengo la primera Naked Palette pero después de hacer una investigación sobre Slate me di cuenta que suele ser comparada con Gunmetal, aunque Slate sea un poco más obscura.

Overall, you can tell that I'm really happy with this palette and so glad that it's finally in my hands. The only thing that I'm not sure if I hate is that the packaging is made of this material that gets dirty in seconds, but I'll ignore that because I actually like how slim and travel friendly it is. 

En general, pueden darse cuenta que estoy muy feliz con esta paleta y contenta de que por fin esté en mis manos. La única cosa que no estoy segura si odio es que el empaque es de ese material que se ensucia en segundos, pero lo ignoraré porque me gusta que es delgada y amigable para viajar.

What do you think of this palette?
¿Qué les parece esta paleta?


  1. Oh I am super jealous right now, I have been wanting this palette for so long! It looks amazing, I love every single shade and I want it even more now! How did you get your hands on it might I be cheeky and ask? It's pretty impossible to get it in the UK x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I've been thinking of getting this palette after missing out on the Mega Pro palette. it looks beautiful! x

    Mummy's Beauty Corner

  3. I have the Lorac Pro 2 palette and I absolutely love it. I honestly think that you can't go wrong with either of them. They are just fantastic products. Can't wait to see some looks with it :)

  4. You should totally get it! It's perfect for every day use :) X

  5. I know, I kept thinking about every review I had read about both palettes when I was deciding haha yours included! I'm definitely excited to do some looks with it :) X

  6. I've wanted to try this palette for so long now. I wish it was available in the UK! x

  7. Oh, wish we had Lorac here... the colors are just gorgeous ! :)

    Luxveritatis.| Beauty.Fashion.Crafts

  8. Ah ok I see now, just after reading your post I traced some on but for £50 or over they can keep it, no way am I paying that much. Awh you're too sweet :D I will just have to keep lusting for it haha x

  9. i need this! amazing photos! x

  10. I hope you'll be able to get it soon :) X

  11. Love the colors of the palette and the first photo is just perfect, nice blog xx

  12. Ugh I know, resellers are ridiculous! Even the Naked Palettes are almost twice the price at Sephora in Mexico, so annoying!

  13. I am forever dreaming of this palette. I wish it is so easy to get it from the UK. Xx

  14. I really hope all my fellow UK bloggers could get it too :(! X


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