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Mani Day: Sweet Heart

12 November, 2014

Once upon a time, there was a girl who only owned a few nail polish bottles, she wore the same color for a couple of days before deciding it was time to get a new manicure done. However, time passed and the girl's collection became larger while the manicure's life became shorter. 

Había una vez una niña que tenía sólo unos pocos esmaltes, ella usaba el mismo color por algunos días antes de decidir que era hora de hacerse un manicure nuevo. Sin embargo, el tiempo pasó y la colección de la niña comenzó a hacerse grande mientras que la vida del manicure se hizo corta.

Which led me to the question: when was the last time that I actually wore a nail polish for more than five days without getting bored of it? I don't even remember! It wasn't until I got OPI's Sweet Heart that I rediscovered my childhood's love for baby pink and kept it for the longest time I can remember. 

What I loved about this nail polish (besides having the most perfectly adequate name, of course) is that it lasted a full week on my nails without chipping off and still four more days with a minor chip on only three nails. I did a little nail art to compliment this color, keeping things girly to let the pink be the star of the show by avoiding dark and dramatic colors. 

Lo cual me llevó a la pregunta: ¿cuándo fue la última vez que en verdad usé un esmalte por más de cinco días sin que me aburriera de él? ¡Ni si quiera lo recuerdo! No fue hasta usar Sweet Heart de OPI que redescubrí mi amor de infancia por el rosa tenue y lo mantuve por el tiempo más largo que puedo recordar.

Lo que amé de este esmalte (aparte de tener el nombre más perfectamente adecuado, por supuesto) es que duró una semana completa en mis uñas sin desprenderse y todavía cuatro días más con un desprendimiento menor en sólo tres uñas. Hice un pequeño nail art para complementar este color, mantuve todo femenino para dejar el rosa como la estrella del espectáculo, evitando colores dramáticos y obscuros.

What do you think? Which nail polish can you wear for a long time without getting bored of it? 

¿Qué les parece? ¿Cuál esmalte pueden usar por mucho tiempo sin aburrirse de él? 


  1. Love that baby pink shade and the shimmer shades add such a nice touch! I wish I was as determined as you to do my nails every few days but I get so lazy with my nails especially when they chip so fast x

    Beauty with charm

  2. This looks like the perfect baby pink shade and it is so pretty. It is also a big factor that it lasts really well. Xx

  3. Thank you Alina! This nail polish hardly chipped so it would be great for you :) X

  4. It's my favorite now! Thanks Ella :) X

  5. I'm loving your nail tutorials! This is such a pretty combination and I really like the simple design. I need to try this one myself :)

  6. Love this nail art!! I am a sucker for neutrals and light pinks!

    XO, Erica

  7. Aww thank you so much Marianna!! Please show me if you do X

  8. I love "basic" shades like Essie Fiji or Wicked - they can be a great base for glitter :)

  9. This is so pretty! I normally don't even attempt nail art, but you made this look so easy!

  10. You're right! I'm planning on topping this nail polish with glitter too :) X

  11. Thanks Linds! I hope you try it, I'm sure you'll do great :) X

  12. It looks soooo good on you!!!! My mani was on the borderline whiteout for me hahah, but love this shade on you so much more! <3

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity


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