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The New Noirette Diary

29 September, 2014

Since I started my blog, I had kept the same Simple Blogger Theme and played around with some html coding for a change by adding different backgrounds to the title, the footer, and other minimal stuff. However, I noticed that it started to look like it didn't fit my style anymore, I decided it was about time to make some changed here and there.

Desde que comencé mi blog, siempre mantuve el mismo Simple Blogger Theme y jugué un poco con el código html para hacer algunos cambios al añadir un fondo a los títulos, el pie de página, y otras cosas mínimas. Después comencé a notar que parecía ya no encajar con mi estilo, decidí que ya era hora de hacer uno que otro cambio.

If you following me on Instagram, you can tell that I'm all about minimal and monochrome style. If I learned to appreciate something throughout my career as a Graphic Designer it's definitely the love for white space, editorial design is my favorite area so I knew I had to find something that filled every aspect I had in mind. Sadly, my coding skills are basically gone so I went to Etsy in search of a new theme to purchase that I could play around with. After a long search I came across this theme and fell in love with it right away. Immediately, I installed the new face of my blog and then went back to editing to add more content (great tutorials here). 

I'm still not very convinced with the banner but overall I'm really happy with the results. I guess I'm not going to miss that old girly and pink theme I had before! 

Si me siguen en Instagram, te podrás dar cuenta de que mi estilo es todo mínimo y monocromático. Si algo aprendí a apreciar a lo largo de mi carrera como Diseñadora Gráfica fue definitivamente el amor por el espacio en blanco, el diseño editorial es mi área preferida así que sabía que tenía que encontrar algo que llenara cada aspecto que tenía en mente. Tristemente, mis habilidades para codificar están casi olvidadas por lo que tuve que comenzar una búsqueda en Etsy para comprar un tema con el cuál jugar. Después de una larga búsqueda, me topé con este tema y me enamoré al instante. Rápidamente, instalé la nueva cara de mi blog y comencé a editarlo para agregar más contenido (tutoriales aquí).

Aún no me convence mucho el banner pero en general estoy muy contenta con el resultado final. ¡Creo que no voy a extrañar ese viejo tema tan aniñado y rosa que tenía antes!

What do you think? Suggestions are welcome :)

Qué les parece? Se aceptan sugerencias :)


  1. I really love it. By the way, I'm running a giveaway, If you're interested check this link:

  2. I love your new design and layout, it's so professional and chic! I personally think it really suits your style of blogging and even though your not 100% convinced with the banner yet, I think it's nice to keep an element of the girly design you had before :) x

    Beauty with charm

  3. LOOOOOOOVE! I'm a big fan of chic and minimalistic design, so big thumbs up from me! :)

    xx Alyson
    The Beauty Vanity

  4. You're right, maybe I'll keep it longer! Thanks :)!

  5. I love the new theme! I agree, it fits your style better :)
    Personally, I love minimalistic blog designs as well.

    Marianna |

  6. You've still got a little girly pink in your logo/signature :D I love the new look. i agree with Marianna, it definitely suits your style more :D

  7. I love the new look of your blog Siham. It is so you! Xx

  8. YAY! Love the new look, it's definitely you. Congratulations on the new look :) x

  9. Yaay! Thank you so much Supal! :) X

  10. Your layout looks so good. It suits your style really well.


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