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Club and Cranberry

09 July, 2014

I was organizing my makeup drawers when I found my Club Eyeshadow, which I totally forgot I had, and decided to play around with it. Even though it's one of my favorite eyeshadows of all times I hardly ever use it or even pair it up with other colors, today I used it along Cranberry - another favorite of mine. 

Estaba organizando mis cajones de maquillaje cuando me encontré mi sombra Club, la cual había olvidado por completo que tenía, y decidí jugar con ella. A pesar de ser una de mis sombras favoritas casi no la uso y menos la combino con otros colores, hoy la usé con Cranberry - otra de mis favoritas. 

For those who don't know, MAC Club eyeshadow is a reddish brown color with a little green frost, the thing with this eyeshadow is that it looks the greenest if you pack it and fades to that brown color as you blend it out (see swatch here). I used Cranberry on the bottom part of the eyes to make contrast with the green on the lids. 

Para quienes no sepan, la sombra Club de MAC es un café rojizo un poco aperlado de verde, la cosa con esta sombra es que se ve lo más verde cuando la concentras y se desvanece a ese color café al difuminarla (ve la demostración aquí). Usé Cranberry en la parte de abajo de los ojos para crear contraste con el verde en los párpados. 

Did you notice my hair is (way) shorter? :)

¿Se dieron cuenta que mi cabello está (mucho) más corto? :)


  1. Club and Cranberry are really gorgeous. Xx

  2. The cranberry against the green slate shadow looks gorgeous! Great lippie shade and shirt too ;)


  3. Love it!

    New POST on my blog, what do you think about?


  4. I love those two :) Thanks Ella X

  5. Thank you :) I forgot to mention the lip color, it's Japanese Maple X

  6. You're so beautiful!

    Club is one of my favorite MAC eyeshadows, I love how it looks green but when it gets blended out it turns brown.

    xx Alyson
    Beauty Vanity

  7. So gorgeous! I wish I could do eyeshadow like you. Great blog. ---Stephanie

  8. Um how have I never heard/ seen this colour before? It is absolutely gorgeous and looks stunning on you!!!

    -A | Mirror Mirror

  9. You should try it :) Thank you so much!! X

  10. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. x

    Here's the link:

  11. Your hair looks amazing! But I am very interested in knowing how to make this make up, your eyes does not look ccrazy, they look fantastic! X

  12. Thank you so much Letícia! :) X

  13. Beautiful! I love the brown tone you used!

    Xo Chelsea

  14. holy crap this is a duo i NEED to try on my lid. it looks amazing!! and the nude lip is a perfect addition since the eyes are so powerful here. i can't believe you get such a different color once you blend it out like that! need to own it.


    A Beautiful Zen

  15. Thank you so much Jenn, you should try it and show me your look :) X

  16. You are so pretty! Love your eyes!


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