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Silver and Cold

12 June, 2014

Today's makeup is a little inspired on this song. Silver eyes deepened with black and cold eyebrows with a frosty texture. Nude lips bring the silver from within, showcasing the coldness of the look. 

El maquillaje de hoy está un poco inspirado en esta canción. Ojos plateados profundizados con negro y cejas frías con textura de escarcha. Los labios nude traen el plateado desde adentro, exhibiendo la frialdad del look.  

It was really hard to whiten my brows, they're so bold!

Fue muy difícil blanquear mis cejas, ¡son muy gruesas!


  1. oh wow, It's been a LONG time since I heard this song. You really just took me back to days past. Love the look! Your eyeliner is perfecto O_O

  2. I don't even know how it got into my head haha! Thank you so much <3!!

  3. oh my god i am so in love with this makeup look-it looks so amazing on you! i love how it's so unique and very high fashion-something that should definintely be seen on all the couture catwalks!

    would love any advice you have on my blog-trying to improve it!

  4. You are absolutely stunning! I need your eyebrows

  5. This is so beautiful! I really love the look especially your eye make-up. Xx

  6. Very interesting and beautiful look! Stunning smokey eye!
    I'm curious, what did you do to your eyebrows?

  7. Thanks Marianna! Like a million things lol but basically concealer to "whiten" them, a white liner for texture, and Verve from the N2P on top of it for the sort of frosty appearance :) X

  8. this is awesome!!

    x Maria
    New outfit post up on my blog
    featuring my new light pink summer dress

  9. anyway you can post a tutorial for the brows. I love love love them!


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