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Nude Eye, Blue Underline

31 May, 2014

There are certain colors in our collection that don't really get much love because they're not quite wearable by their own. The best way to use them is as accent colors on our makeup, all it takes is a smudge of a vibrant shade under our eyes to add a little pop of color and upgrade a regular look with just one eyeshadow. 

Hay ciertos colores en nuestra colección que no reciben mucho amor porque no son muy adecuados para usarse por sí solos. La mejor manera de usarlos es como colores de acento en nuestro maquillaje, todo lo que se necesita es correrlos por debajo de nuestros ojos para agregar un pop de color y elevar un look regular con tan sólo una sombra. 

It's easier to use brown shades on the upper part of the eyes to contrast the intensity that is going on below. I brought the crease color slightly into the inner part of the eyes and contoured a bit more than usual, creating extra dimension in my face. I matched my lips with the eyes by adding a shimmery eyeshadow to a nude lipstick. I really wanted to wear falsies with this look but I couldn't find my lash glue :(

Es más fácil usar tonos cafés en la parte superior de los ojos para contrastar la intensidad que sucede por debajo. Llevé el color de la cuenca un poco hacia la parte de adentro de los ojos y me contorneé un poco más de lo normal, creando más dimensión en mi rostro. Combiné los labios con los ojos añadiendo una sombra brillosa a un labial nude. De verdad quería usar pestañas falsas con este look pero no pude encontrar mi pegamento :(

How do you like to wear a pop of color? :)

¿Cómo te gusta usar un pop de color? :) 


  1. OMG it looks awesome and your lips are perfection!

    I'd love if you come by and visit my blog as well:

  2. Gorgeous! I keep seeing people doing the pop of color look - I need to play around with that as well. What liner/eyeshadow did you use for the blue?

    Marianna |

  3. Thanks! You definitely should!! I used the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Electric Blue and then topped it with a few similar blue shadows from the Smoky Palette from Coastal Scents :) X

  4. Beautiful look, you should film this makeup look ;) your blending skills are flawless!


  5. Super cute! Loving that eyeshadow!



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